Owner Testimonials

Leslie is my property manager.
She is very professional at her job! She takes it very serious. When you leave your property in
Her capable hands. She knows how to get the job done. If it means getting a tenant in your unit. She Makes it happen! If you should have an emergency in your property. Leslie is is the one you want to handle it! No property to big, to small, to difficult. Leslie is the number one choice for property management!

Anne McG

Your company includes many services in monthly management fee. Other management companies charge extra fee for anything that needs done besides collection of renr. And many of those companies way overcharge. Leslie and Loraine are superfrienly, listen, and have given extra great effort to help me with my property. All County Sterling is by far the best property management company I have ever used.


5 Stars...All County Sterling Property Management is buy far the best property management company we have ever used! We most most most highly recommend them. Leslie Bocco has been the best property manager we have ever had. She is super friendly and helpful. Leslie and the company go the extra mile to give great service. Every other company we have dealt with charged us for every little thing, and often we have felt overcharged, and/or had duplicated charges for the same item. We feel we finally found a company that we can rely on and trust. They don't charge for many services such as an inspection where most every other company does. We feel they really go way beyond any other company in great service. We wish they had more offices in other states where we have properties. Before hiring All County we used another company in Florida who made many promises which they did not keep. They did not even meet up with me when I came into town. Be super careful who you choose as a property management company. We have lost thousands of dollars, had many headaches, and lost lots of time with other property management companies. We have been with this company close to a year now, and they have been wonderful. Another fine example of going above and beyond is in the way they handle late fees. They refund to us the amounts charged for tenant late fees. Every other company I have used has kept those fees for themselves. Don't hesitate call them today, use All County Sterling as your property management company. And thanks again Leslie for your great customer service. Jana and Harry Schumann

Jana and Harry Schumann

I've had an over all great experience with Leslie and All County Sterling. Maybe I am one of the lucky ones that hasn't had any problems with my rental home or issues paying my rent on time but anytime I needed an answer on anything it was answered promptly with an email or a phone call.
Everyone I have come in contact with has been nothing but nice and very easy to talk to. I have recommended friends to them already and will continue to send them any business I can.
Last couple landlord's I've had made everything an issue or much harder than it needed to be so i definitely appreciate them as my management company.


Leslie is a complete asset to this company.She is courteous,and very professional. Most important very knowledgeable about how to address problems that come up. We would highly recommend All County and Leslie to any future clients...

Mrs. A.M.G.

Jon is very helpful and accommodating to your rental needs. Was a pleasure working with him.


Leslie Bocco is the reason we started with All County.
Handling things for me because I am just way too busy. Loved that you inspected the property. I only would like to have the last say on bids for work to my house.


I don't live in town and I like knowing that my property is rented to qualified people and that things that happen during the year are attended to with my input but not having to be micromanaged by me. I have used their services 4-5 years now. They have been a good choice for me.


Rated 10 out of 10
Mike Adler, my property manager is very helpful. He is one of the best in business. I have a tenant who is very bad when comes to paying the rent. But Mike is handling the situation extremely good. He is also on top of any issues with the property in resolving them in timely manner. Over all I am very satisfied with his professionalism.


All County Sterling is easy to work with!

Walter Zentner