Great news for Central FL Property Investors!

The Orlando Sentinel recently reported that Central Florida landlords seem to have it all — higher average profits than elsewhere in the U.S. ( 9-12% ROI) and growing numbers of millennials and baby boomers to sign leases.

Orlando and surrounding counties have large pools of renters in their 20s and 30s and offer high rental yields for landlords, according to the Residential Rental Property Report by RealtyTrac. Investors benefit from both higher-than-average rental profits and growing demand from millennials and baby boomers, who are considered strong prospects for rentals because they are either in their early career years or are downsizing.

Overall for Metro Orlando, the average rent is expected to increase 3.4 percent this year, to $945 per month. All of this assures those interested in investing in rental Properties here in the Orlando area that this is one of the best areas in the country to purchase Rental property. As always, All County Sterling Property Management is here to help you maxamize that return on your investment whether you have 1 rental property or 100.

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